You will first choose a behavioral scenario (different than the


  • You will first choose a behavioral scenario (different than the one used in week 3). A simple scenario works best for this assignment. Next, you will provide a brief description of each structure/region listed in the table provided. Lastly, you will explain the function of that brain structure/region as it relates to behavior in your scenario. 
  • Obviously, many brain structures are operating simply because the person is conscious and active. Please focus on areas related to your chosen scenario.
  • Be sure to appropriately give credit to your sources (e.g., APA style citations and references). Note that you may have to use scholarly sources other than your textbook for descriptions of certain regions. 

Example: Scenario: Giving advice to a friendBrain RegionDescription of Brain RegionThe function of Brain Region in ScenarioBroca’s AreaBroca’s area is located in the frontal lobe, primarily involved in speech production. However, individuals with damage to this area commonly have difficulty comprehending language as well. The structure is located in the left hemisphere in most individuals (Freberg, 2019).Important for speaking with my friend about her situation and also understanding what she is saying to me. 
my scenario will be reading a book, when you describe the region please write citations for the work.

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