You must reply to peer based on peer post (In

You must reply to peer based on peer post   (In The Soft-Hearted Sioux, the character of Sitting Bull is a perfect example of perseverance. From the time he was a child, Sitting Bull was destined to become a leader within Sioux society. Sitting Bull was part of the Hunkpapa tribe of Lakotas, located in the northern area now known as South Dakota. Sitting Bull was not able to become a hereditary chief among the Lakota, so he chose to gain political stature by joining influential societies. He became highly respected and influential, and in the early 1860s he was granted membership in the Fox Society, which had delegates from other Lakota bands. Sitting Bull was later elevated to the position of blotunka and used his position to unite the Sioux people against the American threat. This, combined with her vision of him, made Sitting Bull a key leader among the Sioux during the later defense of his homeland. He was constantly fighting against all odds, whether against the US government or rival tribes.

Do you agree with your classmate’s perspective? Why or why not? Be specific. What is the most convincing part of your classmate’s post? Why?

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