Women and gender studies: Power & Status Paper

Find an article from a newspaper, magazine or social media, etc (preferably online to include the link; if hardcopy students should include a scanned copy of the article as an upload with the paper). This does not need to be a scientific or empirical journal article; articles from popular or social media sources are acceptable for this specific assignment. Briefly discuss the direct and indirect messages about women and men in that article. Reverse the pronouns (he/she, him/her) and reread the article with the modifications.

Compare and contrast the messages about women and men before and after the modifications. Support and connect your discussion with information for the textbook as well as concepts described in the module pages. PAY ATTENTION: This is the one time where web sources, web articles, non-academic sources, etc will be accepted without penalty. You are being asked to critically think about and logically examine how the woman in the article is being discussed. For this issue, consider whether she is being discussed or portrayed in a way which is equal or similar to the way a man would be discussed if he were the focus of the article or particular issue. Please take a moment to watch this speech from Nigerian story-teller and author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The entire speech addresses issues of how women can be perceived. However, the most relevant piece of her discussion, as it relates to this assignment, starts at 10:03. Consider what this author is stating in regards to how women are discussed and portrayed in society and media. https://youtu.be/VfzgtOuA-co A minimum of 2 full pages single-spaced, 12-point New Times Roman font or similar. Do not exceed 3 pages. Reference citations included on a separate page do not count towards writing minimum or maximum. Do not use any titles or headings, course name or date. If you include your name or PID it should be included in the “header” of the document and not part of the main content.

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