We’ve been talking about repetition and expectation in music. This

We’ve been talking about repetition and expectation in music. This week, we’ll look at something completely different: John Coltrane’s innovative jazz album from 1964, A Love Supreme. This album is still recognized as one of the best jazz albums of all time, and Coltrane’s masterpiece. 

This blog on the album Links to an external site.describes who Coltrane was, detailing different musical events in the work. The album has four tracks, which are meant to be listened to as one whole. The author describes Coltrane’s search for a deeply spiritual music, and his attempt to create music that can reach everyone in a time when life is rapidly changing. It also describes his dedication to his instrument and to composition. 

You’ll see a picture of Coltrane’s hand-written score at the top of the block. Listen to the first track, Acknowledgement, linked in the blog, thinking about repetition and expectation and how they operate in this new context.

Post about that; if you can, listen to the whole album and see what the experience is like.

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