Theatre class If you were unable to take the personal

Theatre class

 If you were unable to take the personal test revisit the Spotlight in Chapter 10 to identify your intelligences. {{{{{Discuss which intelligence(s) best defines you and discuss why.}}}}}

My intelligences down below

 (((4. Spatial – ability to understand and manipulate space 5. Bodily-kinesthetic – ability related to using the body as a primary means of expression))) 

 Spatial intelligence. This is the ability to sense and retain visual images and to mentally manipulate them. It includes the abilities to transform two-dimensional images into three-dimensional objects and to make mental models, which are the key to understanding many scientific concepts. Sculptors, architects, football coaches, and theatre directors must have a high degree of this type of intelligence. It is also important to anyone who must read maps or create diagrams. •

 Bodily kinesthetic intelligence. At first the idea of body movements as a form of intelligence may seem strange but our brain controls our muscles and allows us to judge the timing, force, and extent of our movements. When certain parts of the brain are injured, motor movements can be impaired even though the muscles are fully capable. This type of intelligence also includes eye-hand coordination and fine motor movements. Athletes, dancers, pianists, and actors need a high level of bodily kinesthetic intelligence 

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