The Role of Social Media in Increasing people’s participation in social science research


Please see the attachment. it is the literature review and the main article that you are writing should be inspired by that. VERY IMPORTANT: at least 5 table and statistics (update and from social media) should indicate in the paper. they should have references(citation) The complete proposal must be typed and double-spaced 12pt Times New Roman font), excluding the list of references. you should use the Chicago Manual of Style for this assignment. An excellent research proposal will have the following elements: • A concise title that helps to identify the study’s focus. • An interesting introduction that explores the puzzle that drives the inquiry. • A justification for the study’s scope and objectives. • Review of the literature within which existing research on the topic can be found, including the gap(s) to be filled by the proposed research. • Research questions and/or hypotheses to be explored. • How answers to the research questions will be sought (i.e. research design and methods). • Significance of the study to knowledge and/or policy and limitations. • Proposed timeline for the research from start, to fieldwork (if needed), to final submission. • A list references, especially those used in the proposal itself. 

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