The purpose of this assignment is to apply basic terminology

 The  purpose of this assignment is to apply basic terminology and processes,  and expected course of care associated with the circumstances of a  designated patient population by demonstrating the cyclical process of  assessment, plan, intervention, and evaluation of child life services.  (CLC1d; CLC1a) 


you  can use the child of your choice – just be sure to include the  age/gender and diagnosis of the child somewhere within your write-up! In each case study includes a patient profile and questions and answers for you  to consider. As you read through the case study and questions and  answers, take note of key variables in the CCLS Caring Process  document. Remember, the purpose of the CCLS Caring Process is to  identify the Child Life service needs of your patient and his or her  family, and to find solutions to those needs. Use the CCLS Caring  Process document as a way to organize and identify your patient’s needs  and to plan his or her Child Life care. You will submit your CCLS Caring  Process document for evaluation by your instructor. 

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