The human resources department is charged with creating, implementing, and


The human resources department is charged with creating, implementing, and enforcing fair labor laws and policies. Laws that impact foodservice systems include compensation and wages, hours and schedules of work, hiring including employing those with disabilities, security and employment, and employment benefits and services.

Human resources screens candidates through an automated system and/or in person, and usually passes along the final candidates to the prospective managers to whom the position will report. Therefore, it is critical that food and beverage service managers understand the legalities to be considered when conducting an interview with a potential hire.

Make sure to title each part of your response as Part A and B.

Part A: Hiring for the Position

Scenario (fictitious): A five-star Chinese restaurant in Manhattan, previously only open for dinner, has experienced considerable growth in the last six months and has decided to expand its operation by opening for lunch Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This will increase production in the kitchen which makes it necessary to add to the staff.

The recruiter has selected the final two candidates to become sous chef. Now you as Chef must conduct the final interviews. Based on your reading resources and doing some research out on the Internet, respond to the questions.

  • What questions might you ask?
  • What if a qualified candidate is disabled?
  • What questions would not be legal?
  • What specific questions might delineate between a good candidate and the perfect candidate?

Part B: Quality and Performance

You are the new assistant to the food and beverage director for a major hotel with 250 guest rooms. The food and beverage director has asked for your assistance to develop a plan for continuous improvement of the quality of food, and the performance of the kitchen staff.

  • How might diversity of the staff add to better performance?
  • Discuss the key factors in productivity improvement and how you will implement the changes you are proposing in your new plan.
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