the capstone project for the, should be related to some

the capstone project for the, should be related to some aspect of the history of Classical Greece (or Ancient Greece more broadly). You will need to locate appropriate primary and secondary sources related to the topic. it should have an argument and a thesis. For now, you only need to identify a topic of study and a possible argument that you will make. 

  1. Explain what topic you plan to use as your basis for the final. Examples of appropriate topics include:
    1. Democracy in Ancient Athens
    2. Warfare and Tactics in Ancient Greece
    3. The Place of Women in Ancient Greek Society: A Comparison of Athens and Sparta
    4. The Theatre in Ancient Athens
    5. The “End” of the Classical Period and the Rise of Alexander the Great
    6. The Function of Art in Ancient Greece
    7. The Parthenon: its History and Meaning
    8. Civic Religion in Ancient Greece
    9. The Economy of Ancient Greece
  2. Explain (ca. one paragraph) what you anticipate being your argument/ thesis (this can very well change as you do more research).
  3. Name one primary source that might be helpful for your historical inquiry of this topic.
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