Speak to the idea of feminism from your perspective and


Speak to the idea of feminism from your perspective and what you are learning from it. As always, be kind to each other, and do not try to argue classmates out of their experiences, and do not go beyond questions asked by generalizing about all people in a certain group.

1. What were you taught from your family or culture about feminism? Was it seen as destructive or beneficial? 

2. Do you call yourself a feminist? Why or why not? Would you answer differently based on the friends and/or family who would hear your answer? 

3. What is the most important issue facing feminism and/or gender equality right now? 

4. There is a quote frequently applied to gender and/or racial equality: “When you are used to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” Does that feel true in terms of gender? Is it is easy for a man to feel that gender equality means that power/influence is being taken from him and given to a woman instead of seeing feminism as benefitting genders equally? 

5. What do you wish another gender knew about what it is like to be you? 

6. Optional: Is there any personal experience you want to share that is related to these issues?  

Directions: Complete an initial post that is a minimum of 270 words and that adequately answers the questions asked.

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