Self Leadership Action Plan

A. Introduction Why you took this course What you hoped to learn

B. Evolution of personal leadership model (incorporate sources here) The characteristics of leadership that were most meaningful How your “model” of leadership changed How your perception of yourself has changed

C. Discussion of personal vision & goals (incorporate sources here) Your professional goals and how self leadership “fits” Relationship goals and how self leadership “fits” MBTI Type and personality assessment–how your personality impacts your leadership.

D. Using your Northouse text, develop a paragraph on each of the following topics of how you will apply these concepts in the workplace. Be sure to identify clearly what these concepts represent before you identify how you will apply them individually: Servant Leadership Situational Leadership Transformational Leadership Ethics in Leadership Gender Balance Cultural Awareness/Organizational Culture

E. Application of leadership change: Three (minimum) leadership characteristics you will use as a leader—these will be different for each student.These characteristics should be specific behaviors, activities, etc. w/measurement such as when Certain accomplishments should occur, with whom, what type of additional training, etc You can’t manage what you can’t measure so if you want to grow, you have to outline specific behavioral changes for the future. Accountability—how will you hold yourself accountable? Who will you ask to be a mentor to assist you in your leadership plan? Be specific in this section. Identify how this relationship will help you.

F. Conclusion what you learned form this course how you feel about what you have learned

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