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Topic San Fernando Mission report 

 Students are required to visit ONE original California Spanish Mission that represents a significant moment in California and multicultural history. After your visit, you will write a 3 to 5-page report. You should approach this assignment in threesteps: 1)Identify whichSpanish Mission you will visit from the list. ( I chosed San Fernando mission) 3)Write up your project. a.Although this assignment can be reflective (meaning you can use the first person“I”), it should still represent a polished piece of writing. Think carefully about how you will organize and structure the required information. b.Your report/site visit should include at a minimum the following information:i.An introduction (with an underlined thesis statement) and conclusion.ii.A description ofyour visit/what you saw. What are your overall impressions of the mission? How is the historical background presented? Did it remind you of anything you learned inourcourse? What new information(if any) did you learn from your visit? c.)Did you agree with the ways in which historical information was presented? How are indigenous people and/or historical events portrayed?How was the everyday life/experience of the California Indians presented? Why is the site significant to California and multicultural history in general? Did your visit change your perspective of the missions in any way? v.Using at least1 secondary reading from this course(no outside sources), include a brief examination/analysis of how its argument informed your understanding and critical interpretation of the site.This must be at least 1 paragraph of your report. -> Please use these two these as my secondary readings:, and c.Be sure to use proper Chicago/Turabian footnote citation style to reference any sources.Guides on how to do this are provided on the course Canvas page. Failure to use proper footnotes will result in a 10-point deduction from your final score (1 full letter grade). d.As a friendly reminder, the reports must articulate your impressions in your own words, not reiterate the information given in pamphlets, the internet, or other sources. Your own voice and impressions are key to this assignment. f.As always, your submission will be checked for plagiarism through Turn It In.

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