Rhetorical Analysis and Reflection

Project Rhetorical Analysis and Reflection (Written in MLA8 format) Expectations  In this analysis, you want to be sure to be specific, detailed, and to pull from your project and potentially your genre inquiry for support and illustration of ideas.  You want to address each required idea in your analysis. You may organize in anyway you wish, but you want this to be written in essay form. You want a short introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs, transition paragraphs, and a conclusion.  Your essay should be at least 2 pages single-spaced, but no more than 3. Ideas to be Addressed:  Why did you pick to construct your project in the genre that you did?  What was your argument/sub-arguments and purpose for this project? In what ways was the project genre most effective and least effective (thinking about constraints) in achieving this?  Who do you consider your primary audience? Your secondary audience(s)? Why did you choose this/these audience(s)?  In what ways (moves) did you attempt to reach (appeal) to your readers rhetorically? Where do we see this in your project? Was the way you attempted to appeal to one audience different than the others? Attempt to convey one argument vs another? In what ways?  What risks do you feel you might have taken when doing your project? Why do you view this choice as “risky”? How might this risk “pay off”?

In what ways might it negatively affect the work? If you do not feel you took any risks, why?  What do you feel was your projects greatest success(s)? What was most challenging about your project? What did you do help get through this challenge(s)?  If you could go back and change anything about your project, what would it be and why?  Does this lead to any advice you might give others beginning a project like yours?  In what ways have you changed as a writer this quarter? Skills, process, as a learner, view of writing? Final Rubric: Project Rhetorical Analysis and Reflection • Structure and Organization: You compose your analysis reflection as a formal essay. You have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your organize and structure in a way that let’s you best move between ideas, combine ideas, and communicate your ideas. All in all, it is clear you put thought and time into how you pieced together this assignment. It does not feel like you are “plugging in” answers to questions. • Using the Text: You pull specifically from your project to speak to, illustrate, and support your observations. You use your project and its parts as evidence to support your reflection concepts. You point to features in your project to show your developing understanding. • You use disciplinarily vocabulary: compositional, rhetorical or genre specific. • You want to reveal new thinking or understanding about the moves you makes or qualities of writing. This reveals “below the surface” seeing, evolution of thought, and piecing together information. • Assignment Parts: You address all ideas presented in the assignment in some way. As noted, you can organize and structure as you with, but you want to in someway answer all the questions and their parts. No idea feels unnecessarily overlooked. You want to be sure to use strong claims (topic sentences or transitions to guide your reader from one idea (question) to the next.

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