Reply to classmates post in 100 words I chose Alopecia,

Reply to classmates post in 100 words 

I chose Alopecia, a decease described as absence of hair from areas where it normally grows” (Chabner, 2020) it also says that “Alopecia, or baldness, may be hereditary (usual progressive loss of scalp hair in men) or it may be caused by disease, injury, or treatment (chemotherapy) or may occur with old age. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease in which hair falls out in round patches without scarring or inflammation”. In my experiences with alopecia, it happens gradually, my father suffered from it because of the constant perms he would put in his hair when he was younger. As he aged, even after he stopped perming, the long-lasting effects of them was exceedingly apparent by the balding patches in his hair. The multitudes of patches eventually turned into one large patch lying at the center of his head. As a youth I never thought of this as an illness or anything to be concerned about but now knowing that this is something that is hereditary it has become something that concerns me a little more. 

Wc: 176 


Chabner, D.-E. (2020). The Language of Medicine. Elsevier 


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