Read the following article: Gonzalez, D., Alhenaki, F., & Mirakhorli,


Read the following  article:  Gonzalez, D., Alhenaki, F., & Mirakhorli, M. (2019,  March). Architectural security weaknesses in industrial control systems  (ICS) an empirical study based on disclosed software vulnerabilities. In  2019 IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA) (pp. 31-40). IEEE.

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The authors’ findings indicate that vulnerabilities focused on (1)  Human-Machine Interfaces, SCADA configurations, and PLCs were the most
vulnerable  components, (2) 62.86% of vulnerability disclosures in ICS had an  architectural root cause, (3) most tactic related vulnerabilities were  related to the tactics “Validate Inputs”, “Authenticate Actors” and  “Authorize Actors”, and (4) the most common CAWEs were related to  “Improper Input Validation”, followed by “Improper Neutralization of  Input During Web Page Generation” and ”Improper Authentication”.

Which of these vulnerability issues would you tackle? Why and how  would you address these vulnerabilities?  Write a 4-5 pages paper that  is supported by at least four peer reviewed journals/articles.

****APA format must followed and citation if required******

Please take care of Plagiarism.

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