Queer Theory: Objectives of this Course

Queer Theory Diary: Get yourself a diary after the first class (or start one on your computer, if that’s more practical for you) and keep up with it weekly (at least). The diary is a personal space for you to reflect on the myriad ways in which you come into contact with gender and sexuality (your own, that of others) in your everyday lives. You will NOT have to share this diary with me, or with anyone else, and the degree to which you make this a space of personal self-reflection is entirely up to you.


Three times during the term I will ask you to submit a 2-3 page (12 pt. font, 1.5 spacing) summary of what you have learned from keeping this diary so far. Again, these summaries do not have to be personal in nature (that is, about your own experience of gender and / or sexuality). Write only about what is comfortable for you to write about

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