Pro’s and Con’s re: sharing technical information about a security breach.

Technical information sharing The videos in this unit touched on the topic of information sharing and the possible role of governments in facilitating this process. Eric Rosenbach mentioned that, besides disclosing an attack to key stakeholders, one might also think about sharing technical information about the attack. He noted that this could be a long-term risk-mitigation strategy as the community could become better informed and more resilient to attacks if information is shared. DJ Patil, on the other hand, reflected on the role of the government in facilitating information sharing in the case of a breach. Katherine Carroll explored the issue of whether governments or the private sector should assume responsibility in the event of a nation-state cyberattack. For this class-wide discussion forum, reflect on the following questions and share your opinion with your classmates: What are the pros and cons for a private company in sharing technical information about a security breach that it has suffered? What should the role of the government be with respect to technical information sharing? To assist you in thinking about these questions, read Phillip J. Britt’s article, which discusses some information sharing initiatives, as well as some perspectives on what the role of the government should be.

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