Project Overview The Better Me: Better World Project allows students


Project Overview

The Better Me: Better World Project allows students to focus on their own personal growth as it relates to developing effective leadership skills that can be later used to support stronger communities, organizations, and more. NSLS members who complete the Better Me: Better World Project will be equipped to meet the 9 Principles and Behaviors of Leadership.

Required Better World Project Proposal Questionnaire

  1. Better World Project Proposal Title
  2. Identify your project scope by providing a list of project components that you plan to achieve over the next 18-36 weeks. Make sure to include all 5 categories (Physical Development, Intellectual Pursuits, Emotional Care, Ethics, Service to Others)
  3. The main goal of the project (with 2-3 sub-goals if necessary)
  4. List the resources needed to complete your Better World Project (resources, stakeholders, etc.)
  5. One paragraph summary explaining the goals of your Better World Project
  6. Create a realistic timeline with specific milestones that align to an 18 or 36 week calendar.

Proposal Submission Requirements

  1. Submit your Better Me: Better World Project proposal that answers the questionnaire information above. If you’d like, you can modify the Better Me: Better World Project Proposal template.

see attached template..

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