Probation sentences are used more often than any other sentencing

Probation sentences are used more often than any other sentencing option in the United States for correctional purposes. As a result, there are benefits and drawbacks to the system.

This paper explores probation and how it works.

This paper takes a look at the benefits and drawbacks to probation

Using the knowledge that you have gained from this week’s reading assignments, Intellipath and MUSE assets, and other information provided, address the following questions in a 2-3 page paper:

  • Identify and discuss three benefits of probation sentences.
  • Identify and discuss three drawbacks of probation sentences.
  • If you were an offender who just received a probation sentence, how would you plan to make your probation sentence successful?
  • Which of your behaviors and habits would need to change if you were on probation? Why?

While it is not necessary to provide complete citations in an APA format, your paper should include URLs and titles for any information used to support your position.

Use this template to help plan and write your paper: CRJS220 Unit 5 Individual Project Template

The following grading rubric will be used for this assignment.


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