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Your assignment for this paper is to invent and describe a ship that you want to excavate and tell me why. The ship you choose has not been excavated yet, but you have been to the site and have recorded some of its features. The ship you select may be a real ship not yet found, or an example of a kind of ship that we know existed but have not yet found. You can use examples of shipwrecks from your readings to help construct your perfect shipwreck. Let your interests guide your imagination, and check in with me if you need some inspiration. (Note: You may not want to choose an American or foreign warship, so that you don’t get mired in political or legal issues, or a deep wreck, which will require major expenses.) Think of this paper as a brief report (a briefing) that you would deliver to your boss, board of directors, or senator. The first sentences should state that you have visited the shipwreck and find that it is very significant and worth pursuing. Your paper should be factual and persuasive. Your description will include the following information: Ship name (if known), or a descriptive name, e.g., “The 10-fathom Wreck” Environment of the site (depth, bottom terrain, salt or fresh water, visibility, etc.)

Date or time period of shipwreck (based on documents or observed artifacts) Nationality or culture of crew (based on documents or artifacts) Origin of ship (last port-of-call, if known, or indicated by cargos) Type of construction (frame-first, plank-first, iron, etc.) and propulsion Type of ship/function (merchant, warship etc.) type of cargo and/or armaments aboard Special features (anchors, navigation equipment, etc.) Comparative parallels with other known shipwrecks, based on similar artifacts referenced from other sites or collections (here is where you need to identify and reference other shipwrecks that contain similar features and materials that helped you to characterize this shipwreck) And most importantly, Significance (Why is this shipwreck the one you want to excavate and what will it contribute to our broader understanding of maritime archaeology?)

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