Obesity in paralegia female

 Presentation on a case study of Jessica a 25 year old female who was fit and health and has had a truamatic accident which affected her spinal code and left her paraplegia. Learning outcome Evaluate and assess the need for a holistic approach to patient care and the foundations of collaborative, Inter-professional working arrangements in the healthcare setting. So in this presentation we are looking at how she is affected with obesity and GOOD LEVEL OF CRITIQUING on how she can be affected with obesity, with research to prove that people has had obesity because of being paraplegia. Looking holistically everything to do with that person how the injury impact on their life, her culture, physical exercise and her belief *inter-professional relations, multi disciplinary teams working together in Jessica’s case *use the NICE guidelines. UK sources please. Benefit and limitation of obesity in Jessica’s situation May the readers notes have a short introduction and conclusion please.

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