Maninder Kaur Gill BSN RN______________________________________________ 5728 N MARUYAMA AVE FRESNO

Maninder Kaur Gill BSN RN______________________________________________


Cell: 559-801-3252


Professional Summary

Dedicated Registered Nurse (RN) with excellent experience as unit manager. Promoted to

Director of Nursing as a respected team player with demonstrated leadership skills. Committed

to nursing excellence and caring for the sick and injured.


Intake Nurse / Sick call nurse / Care manager in Fresno County jail

Feb 2017 to Current

*Providing emergency first aid care, check and recorded vital signs.

* Educating inmates about primary, secondary and tertiary prevention screenings.

*Recording all care information concisely, accurately and completely in a timely manner.

* Responsible for doing intake screenings for inmates entering to facility.


February 2016 to Dec 2017

Northpointe Health Care Center – Fresno CA

*Monitor patient care done by staff and coordinate with staff for changes.

• Attend patient care meetings to ensure facility meets its standards.

• Responsible for documentation of new admissions ,hospital transfers and discharges.

Unit Manager

December 2015 to Aug 2016

Driftwood Healthcare Center – Hayward CA

• Supervising nursing staff to monitoring patient care.

• Monitor patient care to ensure it meets the facility’s standards and review patient records

to analyze the effectiveness, and efficiency of the care provided by the unit.

• Review psychotropic therapy and responsible for psychotropic risk meeting.

• Responsible for MDS assessment patient data collection for quarterly and annually.

• Oversee and monitor patient per day nursing staff.

• Ensuring that residents are free from abuse, mistreatment and neglect.

Charge Nurse

March 2015 to Dec

All Saints Sub-Acute Center – San Leandro CA

Carry out physician orders of medication and treatment with cases such as rehabilitation, TPN ,

use of peripheral line, midline , and PICC line ,tracheostomy, colostomy, nephrostomy , wound

vac therapy and management .

• Providing care to patients on ventilator with different ventilator modes.

Director of Nursing Services

September 2015 to December 2015

Hilltop Care Center – Hayward CA

• Responsible for overall nursing department operations to ensure compliance with facility

policy and procedures as well as federal and state guidelines.

• Collaborates with all departments including rehab, respiratory therapist, dietary,

activities, social services, medical records, staffing, central supply, environmental

services, admissions and marketing to deliver quality care to all patients.

• Supervise responsibilities of director of staff development, resident care coordinator, unit

manager, charge nurses and certified nursing assistants are completed timely.

• Participates with utilization review, discharge planning, risk management, care plan

meetings and quality assurance meetings.

Assistant Director of Nursing Services/ Unit Manager

August 2014 to September 2015

Hilltop Care Center – Hayward CA

• Provide education to my patients, their families and care givers throughout their stay.

• Demonstrate the ability to screen patient population appropriately for referrals and

services needed.

• Participated in various meetings such interdisciplinary meetings, weight variance

meetings and stand up meetings.

Charge Nurse/Treatment Nurse

March 2013 to August 2014

Hilltop Care Center – Hayward CA

• Experienced in providing care to geriatric and rehab residents in a long term care


• Assist with ADL’s while providing therapeutic communication and care.

• Overlook CNA’s and RNA to ensure their safe and therapeutic handling of residents

demonstrate an ability to be flexible, organized and function under stressful situations.

• Monitor and administer IV, TPN and feeding tubes.

• Performs wound treatments including surgical wounds, pressure ulcers and wound vacs.


Bachelor of Science: Nursing, August 2010

Kurukshetra University of Nursing- S.U.S College of Nursing- Haryana, India

Licenses/ Certifications

State of California RN License




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