Intro to Life Science – Week 6 Assignment Wanted: Dead,


Intro to Life Science – Week 6 Assignment

Wanted: Dead, Not Alive

Bacteria, protists, and other forms of early life can be very harmful when they get into our food supply. Find a current (within the last two months) food recall or foodborne outbreak due to contamination by one of these living things. With that information, create a “Wanted” poster for the organism that has caused a recent outbreak of contaminated food. (Refer back to Chapter 3: “Food for Thought.”)

The poster should include:

·  The name and type of organism

·  Why the organism is dangerous due to the sickness it causes

·  An explanation of the recent outbreak (from a news story or the CDC food safety website)

·  Food safety tips to avoid future contamination

·  Any other relevant, helpful information

Download this template to assist you with the assignment.

View your assignment rubric.


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