Interdisciplinary theory

Assignment 1: Theory Analysis

Assignment Instructions:

There are various methods used to evaluate a theory. One method of synthesized theory analysis includes the components of Theory Description, Theory Analysis, and Theory Evaluation. To determine the value, worth, and significance of a theory, the entire theory must be evaluated. Assignment Criteria: 1) Choose one (1) middle range theory or interdisciplinary theory from the following list below: • Transition Theory-A. Meleis • Katharine Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory • Pamela Reed’s Theory of Self-Transcendence • The Community Nursing Practice Model-Charlotte Barry 2) Identify the structural components of the selected theory: a. Describe the purpose of the theory (descriptive, explain, predictive etc.). b. Explain the scope of the theory (middle, interdisciplinary). c. Identify the major concepts and major propositions. d. Explain the major assumptions. 3) Identify the functional components of the selected theory: a. Describe the theoretical and operation definitions. b. Analyze the logical organization of the theory. c. Identify the stated outcomes or consequences. 4) Identify the evaluation components of the selected theory: a. Discuss how the theory is congruent with nursing standards. b. Describe the validity and relevance of the theory. c. Discuss the implications for nursing related to the implementation of the theory. 5) Discuss how the theory contributes to the discipline of nursing.

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