Informational Investigative Report

Stage 6: Write the Informational Investigative Report

Write a 3-4 page, single-spaced informational investigative report (consult Markel & Selber, Ch.17 for more information on informational reports). The primary audience for this project is your instructor; the secondary audience is other members of your class. Your report should include the findings and insights gained from your primary research, secondary research, field research, and genre analysis. Your report should include the following sections:  Identifying Information  A Statement of Purpose  Introduction and Objectives  A Description of your Research Methods  A Description of your Findings  A Discussion of your Conclusions  References  Appendices Within these sections, the organizational patterns, format, and design should be that which you deem most suitable to your rhetorical situation (that is, your audience, purpose, subject, and context). It should be written in the form of a memo, addressed to your instructor. Find a template for this report on pages 9 & 10 of this packet. Consult: Markel & Selber, Chapters 7, 9, 14, and 17; Stage 5 in this packet for directions, content; template in this packet for format, content Deliverable: Informational Investigative Report draft (due for conference) Revised draft due for Peer Review Final draft due with finished project (and attachments) Stage 7: Write the Cover Letter Write a cover letter, addressed to your instructor, for your project that explains the reason for the submission and its contents in one paragraph, as well as answers these questions in a second paragraph: • Describe your experience with this project. • Which aspects did you enjoy most? • Which did you find most challenging? • Which did you find most valuable? Consult: Markel & Selber, Chapter 14 for business letter guidelines; template in this packet for format and content Deliverable: Cover letter dated the day the project is due

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