In your responses to Dayjah and Tiffany post, examine the


In your responses to Dayjah and Tiffany post, examine the intervention or prevention strategy they identified. Discuss whether you think the strategy identified would work in your chosen community. Be sure to justify your answer.

Dayjah post


In my chosen community, which is Onslow County North Carolina, I’m focusing on the public health issue of STDs because North Carolina is actually # 6 in the United States for having the highest STD rates. So, based off my research so far one intervention and prevention strategy that is offered is through the North Carolina Communicable Disease Branch. The purpose of this branch is to prevent and control sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) by making free testing and treatment in many different settings, including community-based organizations and jails accessible to its residents. Also, the North Carolina Communicable Disease Branch employs Disease Intervention Specialists (DISs) whose jobs are to stop the spread of the disease by following up with the people that are infected or have been exposed to the disease (STDs). In addition, the Disease Intervention Specialists (DISs) acts as a mentor by going out into the community and encouraging their patients and partners to seek counseling, testing, and treatment. So, by providing clinical services, education, awareness, and monitoring STDs the North Carolina Communicable Branch is supporting health behavior within its communities..

Tiffany post


One our main intervention strategies that has been huge in my community and I am sure many of yours is vaccination clinics. I am in the thick of these pop-up clinics and sites since I work for Clark County and they hold many of them at our recreation centers and facilities. This is implementing a healthy behavior because they are trying to control, or feel like they are, the pandemic and coronavirus all over the world.” Immunization with a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine is a critical component of the United States strategy to reduce COVID-19-related illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths and to help restore societal functioning.” Implementing these vaccine clinics and pop ups all over our county is part of a strategy to keep Nevada healthy and try to not over run out health care system, they believe that these will help individual be more likely to go and get the vaccine. They have implemented many free sites and ways to get the vaccine. Is this effective? Is this really pushing people to go get vaccinated. Now incentives are being offered. What are we telling our community by offering incentives to get vaccinated? Many states and workplaces are mandating the vaccine as well. How is this keeping them healthy? Were trying to solve one problem by creating another which would be mental health and stability. If one chose to not be vaccinated, they could essentially lose their job which in turn creates more stress. It could even create an overloaded system in regard to welfare. This doesn’t seem affective to me it’s almost like were doing more damage.


Respond to Christian and Heather post and share your observations regarding the government and corruption in the country. Ask questions to encourage further considerations.

Christian post

Chosen country: Japan

Government overview (Central Intelligence Agency, 2021)

Government type                                         Parliament Constitutional Monarchy

Political Leader(s)                                         Emperor: NARUHITO

                                                                         Prime Minister: Yoshihide SUGA

                                                                         Deputy Prime Minister: Taro ASO

Political Pressures (or Opposition) Groups Business groups, trade unions

Recent Changes in Governing Rule        Yoshihide became Prime minister in September 2020

Corruption (Transparency International, 2021)

Bribe Index                                             Rank: 4/28

                                                                    Score: 8.6/10

Corruption Perception Index                      Rank: 19/180

                                                                   Score: 74/100

OECD Anti-Bribery Convention           Enforcement: Moderate

Control of Corruption                          Rank: 19/180

Business Observations

According to the bribe index Japan is at a very low risk. Showing Improvement from past years.

With a CPI rank of 19/180 makes japan a slight risk for corruption. It’s not something to be counted. With such a low-risk companies should be eerie but not completely worried. Compared to other countries they are very low-risk.

The lack of transparency in public information regarding corruption/bribery may pose a risk for companies deciding to do business with Japan.

The OECD Anti-Bribery Conventions lack of government support could be very alarming as well.

Heather post

Chosen Country: Italy

Government Overview (Central Intelligence Agency, 2015)

Government Type                                                Parliamentary Republic

Political Leader(s)                                                President Sergio Mattarella (Since Feb 3, 2015)

Political Pressure (or Opposition) Groups          -Democratic Party or PD (Enrico Letta)

                                                                            -Forza Italia or FI (Silvio Berlusconi)

                                                                            -Brothers of Italy (Giorgia Meloni)

                                                                        -Free and Equal (Liberi e Uguali) or LeU (Pietro Grasso)

Recent Changes in Governing Rule                In 2019, Italy’s Parliament voted to reduce the number

                                                                        of Senate seats from 315 to 200. Reduce the number of 

                                                                        Chamber of Deputies seats from 630 to 400.

Corruption (Transparency International, 2015)

Bribe Index                                                                      Rank:     


Corruption Perception Index                                           Rank: 52/180 (2020)   61/168 (2015)

                                                                                        Score: 53/100 (2020)   44/100 (2015)

OECD Anti-Bribery Convention                                       Enforcement: Active

Control of Corruption                                                       Rank: 62% in 2019


Jorge post

In this week’s discussion I am going to talk about the unemployment and reemployment issues military members and veterans have faced in the past after serving time in the US military and why the Uniform Service Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) was enacted.

Act in Response to the conclusion of the cold war and the restructuring of the US Military, 1994 the US Congress Enacted a statute to promote a noncareer military Service. It prohibited employment discrimination and minimized potential harm to civilian careers and employment. In other words, the government was offering the civilians to serve our country when they were needed without affecting the employees’ career or finding employment. That is why the congress enacted (USERRA) To protect the members of the reserve expanding the forces and having they available when the country needed them to serve with no employment consequence.

USERRA Has reduced the interference to the lives of citizens performing support in the uniform service and it has made it more secure for us and our families. Reassuring stability after military service and returning to our civilian lives.

Amelia post

The subject of wage inequality between genders remains a contentious issue in the United States despite the Equal Pay Act passed in 1963 (McAnallen, 2015). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women earn 76% of what their male counterparts earn in the U.S (McAnallen, 2015). While this wage discrepancy had reduced over the years since 1970 when it was 62%, it reflects the long journey in attaining equal wages for the same work done irrespective of the gender or race of the employee. The wage gap is even bigger for Hispanic and black women. Hispanic women earn 56 cents while black women earn 64 cents to the one dollar paid to their white men counterparts (McAnallen, 2015).

           Numerous reasons explain why the gender pay disparity persists ranging from traditional gender roles to employer discrimination (Groh, 2020). Although the Equal Pay Act was enacted to solve the issue of gender inequality pay, more efforts need to be put into place. Discriminatory wages cause everyone to suffer economic loss. Eliminating the gender wage disparity calls for individuals, companies, culture, and politics (Groh, 2020). 

           In order to solve the problem of gender pay disparity, the United States Congress enacted the Equal Pay Act in 1963 (McAnallen, 2015). The law made it unlawful for companies and individual employers to pay women lower remunerations than their male counterparts for equal tasks that require the same responsibility, effort, and skill. The act also gives a cause of action for employees who experience such unfair treatment. In 1964, the U.S Congress also passed the Civil Rights Act, prohibiting employment disparity based on gender, race, age, or class status. This law disallows discernment in workplaces based on gender and is also employed to address wage discrimination assertions.


Conduct a web search to identify online resources for the community you have selected for your final project (MENTAL HEALTH) You may also wish to utilize any of the local community sites you identified in this module’s discussion topic. Write a journal assignment about how an issue affects your chosen community (or another community of interest) using the 3-4-50 framework. Use the San Diego Health and Human Services Agency for more information about the 3-4-50 framework. Look for these particular reports as you review health department websites: morbidity/mortality report, infectious disease report, and community health assessment.

  • Describe how the chosen issue impacts the community.
  • Apply the 3-4-50 framework as you craft your reflection.
  • Utilize data from health department websites.
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