Improving the Quality of Healthcare: Health or social care

On successful completion of this module, students will be able to: Graduate Attribute developed Other GAs developed **Taught, Practised or Assessed 1. Critically explore the key components of clinical governance. Academic literacy Research literacy TPA 2.Explore and evaluate how clinical governance is managed and implemented in their organisation Research literacy Academic literacy TPA 3. Demonstrate in depth current understanding of the main clinical governance structures in their organisation. Research literacy Academic literacy TP 4. Demonstrate confidence and flexibility in identifying the role of clinical governance in developing strategies for ensuring clinical quality Academic literacy TPA 5. Synthesise and generate solutions on how clinical governance strategies, quality assurance and improvement contribute to the patient experience in their organisation. Research literacy Academic literacy Global citizenship TPA 6. Analyse and develop strategies for managing change within their workplace/organisation Academic literacy Global citizenship Research literacy TPA 7. Critically explore the role of patient and public involvement, as a focus for quality measurement and service delivery. Academic literacy TP 

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