Illegal Immigration

Specifically concentrate on illegal immigration. DO NOT be pro illegal immigration. Tell why illegal immigration should be reduced. You can talk about that government spend too much money on illegal immigrants which could be used on the citizens who work hard, talk that illegal immigration cases crime, that illegal immigrants do terrorist attacks and etc. But don’t be too radical. Explain this topic in depth. Slightly talk about how the policy was developed. Discus the current situation cons and pros. Make 2-3 suggestions on how to improve the system (when you talk about cons) Use some info from USCS website and other legit sources and provide data and statistics. The structure of the essay should be: Introduction, discussion of the current situation and cos and pros, then 2-3 suggestions how to improve the situation. (the structure I said, its just and example. I have no doubts you know better than me how to write an essay

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