Ideas in Art

Please review the list of (five) exhibitions provided below. After reviewing the list, perform a little research into each and then choose the exhibition that most interests you. Visit your selected exhibition and then write a three-page (minimum) text that consolidates your thoughts on the show. Think of the relation of the part-to-the-whole, for instance, how do individual works function for you? What are their materials? How do the material aspects of a work effect and convey particular meaning or potential content? Once you look at one or more individual works closely, think about how they relate to the broader body of work/s presented in the exhibition. A general understanding of an exhibition can build up from looking at its individual parts. Think about your reader. When you make statements, try to clarify your thoughts and back up your statements or judgements with your reasoning so that your reader can following your thinking. Here you have room to expand your thoughts, lead your reader through your exploration. (You can look up information about these exhibitions on internet.)

JASPER JOHNS: RECENT PAINTINGS & WORKS ON PAPER (thru April 6th) @ Mathew Marks Gallery 522 W. 22 Street (Links to an external site.) BETYE SAAR: KEEPIN’ IT CLEAN @ New York Historical Society NARI WARD: WE THE PEOPLE @ New Museum ANDY WARHOL – FROM A TO B AND BACK AGAIN @ Whitney Museum of American Art LUCIO FONTANA: ON THE THRESHOLD @ The Met Breuer

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