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  Option 1 – Last names beginning with A – H: Primary care clinic in your home state (California).

The Final Project will be a cumulative project that you will develop during the course. Each week, you will complete a section of the project for your assigned clinic, using the templates and examples available. See attached files

The Sunnyvale Care Clinic (state the option assigned). Be sure to use the Final Project Assumptions See attached

List of the project objectives with a description.

List of project deliverables.

Patient visits by year graph.

Start-up costs

Pro Forma for a minimum of three years


§Gross revenue

§Contractual adjustments

§Net revenue

oOperating Expenses


§List each position: Students should use actual average salaries for positions

§Total Salaries

§Benefits (Calculated at 30% of salaries)

§Total Salaries & Benefits

oOther expenses

§Central sterile supply


§Depreciation hazardous waste disposal




§Miscellaneous (Define what is included in this category)

§Office supplies


§Repair of equipment

§Staff development



oTotal Other

oTotal Expense

oNet Income

Project Timeline 

Gantt Chart 

Critical Pathway 

Summary of project

oProcess for selecting site location.

oSummary of the communication plan for the project.

oAnalysis of when the clinic has a positive net income (Net revenue – Total Expense). If the clinic does not have a positive net income, what recommendations would you make to decrease costs or increase revenue? Include specific rationale for the recommendations.

The Final Project

Must be 10 to 12 double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style.

Must include a separate title page with the following:

oTitle of paper

oStudent’s name

oName of Institution (The University of Arizona Global Campus)

oCourse name and number

oInstructor’s name

oDue date

Must use at least three sources

Expert Solution Preview

In this content, a final project assignment is provided for medical college students. The assignment focuses on developing a cumulative project for a primary care clinic in California, specifically the Sunnyvale Care Clinic. The project aims to evaluate the students’ understanding of various aspects of managing a healthcare facility, including patient visits, start-up costs, financial projections, project timeline, and recommendations for improving clinic performance.

The final project for this course requires you to develop a cumulative project for a primary care clinic in California, specifically the Sunnyvale Care Clinic. The project aims to assess your understanding of the key components of managing a healthcare facility. Throughout the course, you will complete different sections of the project for your assigned clinic.

The project objectives are as follows:
– Develop a patient visits by year graph to analyze the clinic’s patient flow over time.
– Determine the start-up costs involved in establishing the Sunnyvale Care Clinic.
– Create a pro forma for a minimum of three years, including revenue and operating expenses.
– Prepare a project timeline using a Gantt chart to track the different stages of the clinic’s development.
– Identify the critical pathway for the project, ensuring efficient completion.
– Summarize the project, including the process for selecting the site location and communication plan.

The project deliverables include:
– Patient visits by year graph.
– Start-up costs analysis.
– Pro forma for three years.
– Project timeline presented in a Gantt chart.
– Critical pathway identification.
– Summary of the project, including site location selection and communication plan.

To successfully complete the project, you will need to consider revenue and expenses in the pro forma. This will involve analyzing the clinic’s gross revenue, contractual adjustments, net revenue, salaries, benefits, and other expense categories such as central sterile supply, insurance, maintenance/housekeeping, and staff development.

Additionally, you should develop a clear understanding of the clinic’s financial performance by calculating net income. Identify the point at which the clinic achieves a positive net income. If the clinic does not have a positive net income, provide recommendations to decrease costs or increase revenue, supporting your recommendations with rationales.

The final project should be 10 to 12 double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style. Make sure to include a separate title page with relevant information such as the title of the paper, your name, the name of the institution, course details, instructor’s name, and due date. Utilize at least three credible sources to support your analysis and recommendations.

Overall, the final project aims to assess your knowledge and application of key concepts related to managing a primary care clinic. It allows you to showcase your understanding of financial analysis, project management, and strategic decision-making in a healthcare setting. Make sure to diligently complete each section of the project and provide well-supported insights and recommendations.

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