Here is a example of it: Technology Diary Throughout the

Here is a example of it:

Technology Diary
Throughout the first week of February, I took note of every encounter I was exposed or used technology. In short, this was a difficult task. For instance, devoting time to stop my daily routine quickly became a taxing practice. However, I found that stopping myself from continually accomplishing tasks was genuinely soothing and relaxing. Nonetheless, the results of my data usage were revealing of my priorities in school, work, and social life.
Reflecting upon my daily habits, I have learned that I often distract myself from becoming productive with entertainment such as music and television. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s when I most often visit the University’s library, the time my laptop was on was far from revealing the quantity beneficial work I completed. In addition, my data represented that most of the time spent on schoolwork, was reading texts both in the book and online.
Due to the fact I plan to major in both Public Relations and Political Science, most of my curriculum consists of textbook chapter readings and case studies. In my COMM 130, my instructor had to deliver our notes orally because of technology and projection issues. In retrospect, having online issues in class revealed how influential technology is to my learning process and education. I believe that because most of my classes for my major are revolved around media, that my major and career will transition to solely online technology in the future.

Furthermore, another large portion of my online usage relates to my sorority, SigmaKappa. In my sorority, I have a Junior Executive Council position of “Webmaster” where I oversee updating my chapters website with news and photo updates. Also, my sorority often updates our Facebook page with information of philanthropic or sisterhood events. I spend a large portion of time and money in gas and on the road as many of events are held around the Long Beach area or around Cypress.
Exploring around a big city has allowed me to be exposed to people with different backgrounds and culture which is important for any career. Additionally, on average I spent around 2 hours every day on campus listening to music. Reflecting upon my high school career, I spent 4 years in show choir where I performed and sang a multitude of songs. However, upon entering college, I haven’t had the ability to pursue music any further, due to my commitment to work and my studies.
My attachment towards listening to music is attached to my absence of singing since high school. Looking into the future, I hope to look into more extra curriculars on campus to broaden my connection with CSULB and hopefully explore a future in dance or music. Moreover, the most difficult to keep track of, was the amount of technology used when I worked. Currently, I am employed at the Hillside Dining Hall on campus and each dish is kept at temperatures by warmers and chillers and prepped with grills. Working in the food service industry was a difficult task at first because it was my first job and that I haven’t had prior experience with customer service and communication. However, since most of my job deals with responding to customer concerns and questions, I’ve gained more exposure on how to deal with unfortunate confrontations and situations.
Because most of my daily life is revolved around

technology, I enjoy my work because it allows me to differentiate how to respond effectively online vs. In person as there are similarities and differences to those tactics.

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