Guns Rights

Problem Statement: We want citizens of the United States to be able to bear guns like the constitution says is our right without any issue or defect however we want everyone to be aware and informed or the guidelines to be able to obtain one. Today we face many issues that result in catastrophic events and if we continue to keep ignoring the problem of why these failures continue to happen then how will we able to increase strategies and implement them like making the back ground checks take several hours or days to get a thorough review, limit the amount of ammunition being sold and documenting it, penalizing businesses for any mistakes if any damages occur, getting evaluated by a doctor to see if there is any mental health concerns that prohibits you from owning a firearm.

There are 36.383 people who die from gun wounds a year and 100,120 who are injured through gun wound. These casualties shape the lives of millions of Americans who witness these types of casualties and in order to be able to find solutions to these problems we must dig deep and for this we can explore gun control or many other methods. The rest is what the proposal needs to have Research Objectives Literature Review Importance of the Study

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