Gender on the Virginia Frontier

 Kathleen M. Brown is one of several historians that argue that English settlers were incredibly insistent on social order on the frontier because they believed that the social order was threatened by the frontier and English settler interactions with peoples from other cultures, such as American Indians and African slaves. Do you agree with this assessment, particularly as it applies to gender? Answer ONE of the bullet point sets of questions. Do you think that English colonists were so insistent about judging and changing American Indian gender role practices because they feared social disorder (or more social disorder) in their own gender culture or would conflict theory and competition for resources give us a better framework for understanding colonial Virginia? Why do you think so? Do you think that the Europeans impact on American Indian gender roles was mostly one sided? Why or why not? In what ways did English settlers in Virginia and American Indian gender roles differ? Were there any similarities? Which differences do you think were the most important and why? Please use examples from the uploaded text to help support your answer. This is the only source you will need. Cite the source in APA but you do not need to have a title page.

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