Explain the three components of strategic management (Figure 1.1) 2


Explain the three components of strategic management (Figure 1.1)

2 –  Who was the most influential person regarding competitive strategy and what was his thinking? 

3 –  Find a company with a “mission statement”.  Do not use the military please.  Pick a commercial company that is not routinely discussed.  Select a company with a mission statement and tell us whether or not you think the statement is constructive and provides employees with motivation and strategic direction.  When reading the mission statement does it reveal the nature of the business? Include the mission statement in your post in italics.

4 – Describe the differences between a vision statement, values statement and mission statement and why are they all important?


This week is about Mission, Vision and Strategy in organizations.  One important consideration for job seekers is to create a personal mission statement.  Based on the information in this weeks reading, write your personal mission and vision statement. 

Use the 5-step mission/vision building process to create your  personal mission and vision statement.

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