Evaluate career opportunities within the current Australian labour market


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This task requires you to write a report to evaluate career opportunities within the current Australian labour market with a specific focus on your target industry (health care). Regardless of your experience and career aspirations, understanding the requirements of this industry including employment trends and workplace opportunities are important considerations in your career development. Task Instructions To complete your report, you must conduct research into the following areas: a. Analyse how current trends in the Australian Labour Market will affect career opportunities in the Healthcare Industry. Areas for suggested research include but are not limited to: national and state information, current employment and unemployment figures, possible impact of employment trends and changing labour market conditions on your industry.

b. Research two healthcare sectors that you could work in with your new degree qualification. Your choice can be taken from, but is not limited to, the list below. Evaluate and explain why each sector you have selected is a viable option for your career path based on your labour market research and your current area of study. Identify what occupations you could apply for in each sector you have selected based on your skills, interest and experience. Please choose two sectors from the following list (or identify another if it is not listed); • Aged Care • Community Health • Private Health • Mental Health • Disability Services 3/19/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing https://www.writershub.org/writer/orders/389101#instructions 4/6 c. Evaluate the intercultural challenges facing you as an international student. How might this impact future career opportunities in Australia? Identify what you can do to overcome these challenges. d. Recommendations. From your research / analysis in sections a-c, provide a response to; Identify three (3) organisations you could approach regarding employment opportunities. Include a rationale why you feel you are suited to these organisations (consider values alignment, proximity to available transport, experience, skills and interest, industry panel discussion etc). Create a job seeking plan to identify how you could effectively do this. Key Elements of Assessment The student will be expected to: 1. Follow the report structure outlined below. 2. Make connections to key concepts covered in lectures (such as Career Development, the Australian Labour Market, cultural theories etc.). 3. Use credible and recent sources to research and analyse the current labour market and career options in your industry. 4. Cite and include in a reference list ALL secondary resources using the Harvard Referencing System. 5. Write in a professional format using appropriate business language (with a focus on spelling, grammar, punctuation and readability

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