Emiliano Zapata’s vision for better a Mexico

Emiliano Zapata’s vision for a better Mexico Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details The only source that is to be used for this paper is the book “Emiliano Zapata” by Paul Hart. The paper can only talk about information that is talked about in the book.

The question that the paper will be answering is: What was Emiliano Zapata’s vision for a better Mexico and what aspects of his life experiences in an peasant community could shaped this vision? The paper should be set up with a Introduction Body one: Talk about Zapata’s vision for Mexico Body two: Zapata’s Life Peasant Life, life experiences. Body three: how Zapata experiences shaped him as a revolutionary Conclusion: Bring all of these topics together. There has to be at least one or two direct quotes in every body paragraph from the book to help support the paragraph. No other source can be used besides the the book itself. The paper should be very straight to the point and the introduction should be explain what the paper is about and what it will be covering.

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