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Description In a 5-6 page paper answer one of the following questions. Your paper should use 12 point, Times New Roman font (double-spaced throughout). The only header you need is your name (the inclusion of any additional information will lower your grade). You must include citations within the text (simply using the author’s name and page numbers in parentheses), but you do not need to include a bibliography. No outside texts are acceptable (i.e., please only use our assigned texts The fundamentals of ethics by Russ shafer-landau). How should we think about the tension between valuing self-interest and core moral beliefs (i.e., the idea that certain values or acts are inherently right or wrong)? Answer this question by explaining the difference between psychological and ethical egoism, explaining how ethical egoism necessarily violates core moral beliefs, and offer an argument as to the truth or falsehood of ethical egoism. In the process of evaluating ethical egoism, make sure to engage with one of the two popular arguments for ethical egoism (The Self-Reliance Argument or The Libertarian Argument).

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