Crucial aspects of leadership

This 600 – 1000 word essay requires extensive self-reflection. We want you to describe and analyze crucial aspects of your own leadership. At the same time, compare and contrast these aspects about yourself with at least one other leader. How are the two of you alike and different? Write in the first person (e.g., I tend to…, I believe…, I’m best at, etc.). Provide concrete examples that demonstrate the similarities and differences. Include leadership principles and concepts from the various leadership lessons (e.g., creative thinking, critical thinking, culture, ethics, stewardship, self-awareness, resilience, emotional intelligence, leadership theory, change, building teams, mission command, crucial conversations, learning organization, power, etc.). You do not need a cover page. Please write at least five paragraphs (introduction with a thesis statement, body consisting of at least three paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph), double spaced. Use Turabian or another academic format for citations and references. Use at least two credible references to support and enhance your essay. The references may be from the assigned readings. Required word count is 600 – 1000 words Aspects of my leadership: Commitment, passion, empathy, honesty, integrity, Good communication skills and decision-making capabilities, self-awareness, resilience, emotional intelligence Compared Leader: Mr. Nigel we have the same leadership styles, the different is he is a Transformational leader and also Democratic Leadership. I am more of a Laissez-faire leadership at time.

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