Coronary heart disease is an illness of the coronary arteries

Coronary heart disease is an illness of the coronary arteries narrowing by atherosclerosis. Some factors that put people at risk for this disease are having high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high levels of inflammation, as well as diabetes. The lifestyle factors that relate to this disease are stress, not exercising enough, not eating a proper diet, being obese, high cholesterol, and triglycerides. Traumatic experiences that increase stress levels or cause intense emotions are highly linked to this disease. Lifestyle factors like diet and exercise are also crucial to be attentive to avoid struggling with this disease. Cardiac rehabilitation helps people with this disease with their overall health and lifestyle, these programs aim to educate others on the disease and help with treatment. 

  Diabetes is when the arteries are thickened and results in a buildup of waste inside of someone’s blood. The adherence to diabetic treatment programs may be difficult for a wide range of people to achieve because it is a significant change in lifestyle. A huge part of control for diabetes is self-monitoring. For type two diabetes a lifestyle change can completely help people, by including exercise, managing stress, and diet. Managing the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar also helps. Many people who have type two diabetes don’t acknowledge the severity of their conditions and will not fully commit to a lifestyle change. Some treatment programs include medical attention, behavioral correction, and ensuring patients are completely aware of their conditions and how important it is to maintain self-discipline.


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