Consider the following scenario: You are the health care administrator


Consider the following scenario:

You are the health care administrator for a physician practice with five primary care physicians. Your practice has an existing electronic health record (EHR) system, which has been in place for three years. The EHR system has some existing functionalities to support the reporting of quality measures to Medicare to comply with public reporting requirements. However, there are some new requirements that require your practice to upgrade the EHR system’s software. To meet Medicare deadlines, this project will need to be completed within the next 12 months within a budget of $20,000.

For this Assignment, reflect on the scenario presented. Think about what considerations a health care administrator should keep in mind to track the resources needed for this project. Reflect on what types of tools explored this week will best support the health care administrator for the project detailed in the scenario.

The Assignment (3–5 pages, not including the Gantt Chart, Activity Cost Estimates, and Work Breakdown Structure templates): 5 pages include the paper and the templates

  • Prepare a Gantt chart (including time and activities).
  • Prepare a budget (including dollar amounts).
  • Explain how you as a current or future health care      administrator might use the Gantt chart and budget that you created to      assess the project in the scenario presented. Be specific and provide      examples.
  • Complete the Work Breakdown Structure template. Explain      how you would break down the activities and why.

Start of my paper:  

Healthcare administrators’ responsibilities may vary depending on the type of organization. However, an administrator for a physician’s practice performs management tasks for the physician’s practice. In my opinion, an administrator is in an authoritative position and can delegate functions to deal with daily personnel issues, patient complaints, and cost-saving measures. During the 12 months with a budget of $20,000, a healthcare administrator’s primary focus is enhancing and developing quality measures for the existing functions of an EHR system. Jeff Green (2021) implemented and developed tools for setting budgets for EHR systems. Some of his tools include:

·         Justifying the cost of implementing EHR

·         Consider the benefits of EHR use

·         Compile your EHR costs

·         Compile costs into a complete EHR budget

·         Pricing of popular EHR systems

The tools implemented have shown that the EHR (Electronic Health Record) system is cost-effective for implementing an electronic version of the patient’s medical history. More importantly, the electronic version provides management and clinical data and is mainly maintained by providers and administrators over time. In addition, the key implementation of the EHR system provides healthcare organizations and providers with the potential to improve their healthcare and administrative operations (Green, J., 2021)

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