cognitive psychology

Define in 3-6 sentences. *Answers to this question type should be 3-5 sentences long (approximately 1 paragraph), which includes important information relevant to the topic in questions (e.g., Sensory Register: What is it? What are its attributes and how was it discovered/confirmed (explain experimental design/procedure, the findings, and the implications of the findings)? Answers to this question type should be made up of many paragraphs over multiple pages. BUT, your answer should still be focused and succinct. In general, your answer will be made up of an introductory paragraph that outlines what is to come in your essay, followed by multiple paragraphs that cite/explain all the relevant research findings pertaining to the topic(s) of interest (this can be thought of as the essay body, which should be made up of multiple short answer style paragraphs), followed by a “conclusions/implications” paragraph that ties it all together and/or wraps everything up nicely. Again, be as focused and to the point as possible. Longer answers are not better answers. That said, cite as much relevant research as possible.

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