CJ499 Criminal Justice Capstone – Week 3 Assignment Outline and


CJ499 Criminal Justice Capstone – Week 3 Assignment

Outline and Annotated Bibliography

Complete an annotated Outline/Bibliography using scholarly research articles about your selected Final paper topic.  You will be required to use at least 8 resources in week 3.  However, you Final Paper should include at least 15 scholarly research articles.  You should begin researching these articles in preparation for completing your Final Paper.  Submit your annotated Outline/Bibliography by day 7.

From this week, you will continue to work on your final research paper, to include my feedback from your title page and abstract submission, as well as this week’s outline/annotated bibliography.  Review my feedback and inquire where needed to ensure you understand your requirements as a learner, how to apply your research and application from your outline/annotated bibliography, into your final research paper.  Your research paper will be presented to me in week 7 for initial review and your final research paper will be submitted in week 8.

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