Assignment: This assignment covers the second half of the Strategic

Assignment: This assignment covers the second half of the Strategic Audit. Read, study and apply this section to TESLA

This is the second half of the Writing Assignment. Think of yourself as a CEO writing an important paper to your Board. You are not a student listing all that you think might possibly be relevant.

    1. This second paper should not exceed four pages, double-spaced, one inch margins, 11 point font size, your choice of font.
    2. Please number pages. Please title sections. Cover page, index page and reference pages do not count for the 4 page limit.
    3. No papers in excess of four pages will be graded.
    4. Use footnotes throughout the paper to credit your sources; list your references at the end to better identify your sources. Use quotations properly. Failure to document will be consider prima facie plagiarism.

I also shared the first part of this assignment that helped me a month ago

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