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Paper Assignment # 2

Using your exploration from paper 1, choose one (1) way to use health information technology to address your identified community health related issue and describe the process of implementation in a chosen context. Paper should be approximately 5-6 pages, (not including title or reference pages). It is to be written in APA format.

The following information needs to be included in the paper:

1. IntroduceyourideaandidentifythecontextofhowyourHITideawillbeused 2. Discusstheoreticalsupportforyouridea 3. Identifyagoalforyourideaandthree(3)objectives 4. Detailstrategiesyouwilltaketoimplementyouridea

5. Discussanticipatedbarrierstoimplementation





Introduction and identification of context

No introduction or elementary introduction with no context or supporting evidence provided

Basic introduction with limited details and minimal context or supporting evidence

Detailed introduction of topic with context and supporting evidence provided.

Theoretical support, goal statement and objectives (Total 3 objectives must be provided)

No theoretical support, goal statement or less than 3 objectives for proposed idea

Basic discussion of theory, basic goal statement and non- specific objectives

Detailed, in-depth discussion of how theory applies to idea, detailed goal statement and (3) specific measurable objectives.

Process for implementation and anticipated barriers

No process of implementation presented or no barriers identified

Limited process of implementation discussed with few examples and minimal discussion of barriers

Detailed Process of implementation discussed, multiple examples, and substantial discussion of barriers


No conclusion paragraph included

Basic conclusion

Detailed conclusion of topic


0-2 references

3-4 references

5 or more references

APA format/spelling/ grammar and

No attention to APA format/multiple spelling and/or

4-5 APA, spelling and/or grammar errors, basic organization,

3 or less APA/spelling/grammar errors, well organized, clarity of thought

Expert Solution Preview

Health information technology (HIT) has become an integral part of addressing community health related issues. In this paper, we will explore one specific way of using HIT to address a community health related issue and describe the process of implementation in a chosen context. The chosen context will provide the necessary background to understand the application of HIT. The paper will discuss the theoretical support for the idea, establish a goal statement along with three specific objectives. Furthermore, it will detail the strategies that will be taken to implement the idea, and discuss the anticipated barriers to implementation. The paper will follow APA format and provide appropriate references to support the content presented.

The introduction provided in the paper is either missing or lacks any substantial details regarding the idea or the context in which the HIT idea will be used. The context and supporting evidence are not adequately presented.

The introduction in the paper provides a basic overview of the idea and the context, but lacks detailed information and supporting evidence. It does not fully establish the importance or relevance of the chosen HIT idea in addressing the community health related issue.

The introduction in the paper is detailed and effectively introduces the idea and context in which the HIT idea will be used. It provides supporting evidence to justify the importance and relevance of the chosen HIT idea in addressing the identified community health related issue. The reader gains a clear understanding of the purpose and significance of the paper from the introduction.

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