an online software company [X] that specialize in selling ad

 an online software company [X] that specialize in selling ad  spaces in their parent company’s magazine.  [X] manages an online  database that allows their customers to upload and pay for their  business ads for magazine placement.  Because [X] ‘s database needs to  connect to the parent company’s database, the parent company has  requested that [X] system be assessed and verified as secure.
Now  that you have provided your security assessment, the next step is to  provide [X] with your Security Portfolio. Using Reading from textbook attached on  the NIST framework that includes the 5-step process for creating a  balanced portfolio of security products, your assignment will be to  create a Security Portfolio with the following sections: 

(Note: [X] can be any company and any line of business)

1. Cover Page (i.e. APA title page)   

2. Background (provide a synopsis your midterm security assessment on Vestige)  

3.  For each security need identified (or needs to be identified), Find the products that will deliver the needed  capabilities for the right price, and tell why you chose that product.

This  assignment should be about the security needs only.  Do NOT discuss how  the client can achieve more business (That is not your job).

Answer  the questions with an APA-formatted paper (Title page, body and  references only).  Your response should have a minimum of 600 words.   A minimum of two references are required.

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