An ethical hero/leader (Confucius).

Select and to research an ethical hero/leader (Confucius). Each student to identify at least five virtues based upon J’s text and the class lectures and to show how these virtues interconnect in the life and teachings of Confucius. To present a 5Ds ethical analysis of the ethical hero that you have selected. 5Ds: Describe the ethical hero, give a brief summary of their ethical teachings which indicates: the source of their teachings and the influence of their teachings. Discern the virtues at play in their life and why they are an exemplary hero, Decide which is their chief virtue, Display three examples of this virtue in the hero’s life, Defend your hero in terms of their ethical behavior. (Needs to be 1.5pp) Student to present their selection of hero and the five virtues selected which the hero exemplifies in 1-2pp typed a rough draft of the paper in 5D format. Based upon library research-use of books, not web-based research. “Hard” research (library based, non-web source materials) to cover the great ethical teacher’s biography, their ethical teachings, their influence, their chief ethical virtue.

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