250 words each two post with references APA must write

   250 words each two post  with references APA must write db 1 or 2 so I know which post is for whom. 

******** DB1  Reflection counseling requires a counselor to have some special qualities. Good listening skills, conflict resolution skills, self-awareness, and good relationship with God. Some of these skills come naturally and others are developed over time and experience.

Less start off examining what good listening skills look like. The four keys to good listening are, “Be present, focus on compassion, talk less listen more, respond quickly.” (Holdsworth Center) Being present can be a challenge even in the right environment. Do away with anything that can be a distraction, phone, TV, radio, anything that can break the line of communication. Make sure you can have compassion for your clients’ issues. This next one can be hard to do. Listen more talk less. Don’t get caught up in assuming that you know what your client is trying to say, let him or her complete their thought before you respond. Finally, respond quickly after your client finishes their statement so that you can stay on topic.

All counselors have to have some conflict resolution skills as well. “Identify the problem, listen to possible solutions, select a options, execute a plan.” (Hicks, 2021) Sometimes it will be easy to help the client select the best answer to their problems because you have gone through the same thing. This is where your self-awareness comes into play. You have to know yourself before you can help anyone else. If your tolerance for anything remotely similar to what your client is struggling with than you could have a problem. You have to ask yourself can you put aside your beliefs in order to help the person sitting in front of you?

The most important element to this equation as a Christian counselor is having a strong relationship with God. The Bible says, “If you a disciple of Christ you will know the truth.” (NIV, John 8:31-32, 2021) You have to rely more on God than anything you’ve learned through life’s experiences. The truth is that you are human and prom to biases, but the Holy Spirit will guide you through every situation. It will help you tune into your client and build your faith in the gifts God has given you.

Good Listening Skills – Become a Better Listener


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When using reflection as a counselor I think it is essential by listening for and responding to how the client feels. Being able to understand the client is essential and another way that I will apply this into my counseling sessions. You will have to analyze yourself and your actions. As a reflective counselor I will identify where changes can or can’t be made. Listening to what a client has to say and repeating back to a client a version of what they just told you will help them feel understood. A therapist or practitioner implements their practice tools and takes time to reflect and analyze their actions and awareness of themselves, by using these insights to improve their teaching while modeling a reflective practice for their clients (Taylor, 2020). 

I found it very difficult to differentiate between Counselors who are Christian and Christian Counselors. Before reading this article I wasn’t aware that this was a thing and after reading the article it helped me differ on the two. “Counselors who are Christian” were viewed as not necessarily being the same as Christian counselors, as participants described that “counselors who are Christian” do not necessarily integrate Christianity into counseling, while a Christian counselor would and is trained to do so (Evans, Brown, Davis, 2021). Getting better understanding on the difference on the two helped me reflect on being a Christian counselor and how I will use this in my sessions. I will use my ethical judgement as a counselor to do what is best for my client and for myself. 

As a counselor who is trained with a Christian background you would not want to throw this onto your client but only ask if they wish to do so. If a client brings up the perspective of faith then the faith talk becomes appropriate because it is what the client wants (Yen, 2018). 

Being able to self-assess is an important part of our faith on being able to grow and mature spiritually. Doing this will help us identify on our weaknesses, 

Lamentations 3:40- “Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord.”


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